We adhere to robust industry procedures to provide optimal services to our clients for their software development requirements. Our protocols are diligently maintained, while also remaining adaptable to meet the unique application needs of each client. Here’s a glimpse into our approach:




Requirement Gathering

Commencing the process, the initial phase involves collecting the fundamental prerequisites. You will be required to furnish us with a well-structured project requirement document. This document should encompass specifications, wireframes, your desired technological specifications for app development, and additional pertinent details. Moreover, our IT consultation services are available to assist you in identifying your precise needs.

Analysis and Feasibility

Once we receive requirements from you, we embark on a feasibility and analysis study for your project. We engage in thorough conversations with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your project's needs and expectations. This allows us to meticulously outline the project deliverables and specifications.


Once the initial deliverables are agreed upon, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of time and expenses, presenting you with an estimation of the project's cost and anticipated timeline for completion. Following your approval of these terms, we proceed to formalize the project by signing the contract, thus commencing its execution.

Wire-framing and Prototyping

We craft wireframes and prototypes for the application, which can vary in fidelity based on the project's scope. These visual representations consider every element and feature of the app, and their creation is informed by thorough discussions with you to ensure a comprehensive understanding.

Design concepts

Upon the approval of the wireframes, we proceed to develop tangible design concepts that illustrate the actual appearance of the application. These design concepts encompass authentic visual representations of the app's aesthetics. We present multiple design options featuring distinct layouts, color themes, and other elements to provide you with a range of choices.

Review and Approvals

During this phase, a comprehensive discussion and review of the designs and the final project scope take place, aiming to address and refine any necessary modifications or updates. Subsequent to this stage, your approval is sought for the definitive designs and project scope. This approval process encompasses decisions regarding resource allocation as necessary for the successful execution of your project.








With all components aligned, the development teams initiate the development process for your app. This encompasses various sub-stages, including front-end and back-end development, as well as database design and architectural planning. These phases advance in accordance with the mutually established delivery milestones.

Testing and QA

The QA team commences daily manual and automated testing procedures. This comprehensive testing encompasses all facets of app development, spanning regression testing, unit testing, system testing, and more. This rigorous testing phase is instrumental in identifying and resolving a majority of the encountered bugs and issues.

Fixes and Updates

As development advances, identified bugs are rectified, and any necessary updates are seamlessly integrated into the code. The development teams and QA remain in continuous synchronization to ensure thorough coverage. Throughout this process, your active involvement is maintained, and we supply you with intermediate app builds and consistent updates, allowing you to assess progress through staging or beta sites.

Deployment on App Stores and Servers

Following the successful completion of user acceptance testing and obtaining sign-off, the application is deployed onto the relevant App Stores and/or servers. This marks the pivotal stage of going live.

Post Deployment Support

Upon a successful deployment, a thorough assessment of all parameters is conducted within the production environment. Should any bugs or issues emerge, prompt resolutions are applied, followed by the re-deployment of the refined application.

After Sales Support

Upon receiving the final sign-off, we initiate the process of transferring the source code and essential materials to you. Subsequently, we transition into the after-sales support phase, wherein we provide ongoing maintenance and assistance for necessary app updates. This phase typically encompasses minor modifications or adjustments, excluding any new development. It's important to note that this stage falls under the coverage of the project contract.